Live-in Care for Older People

We, at Phoenix Care, strive to provide the best service possible. Live-in care is a service that enables people to live full lives in their own homes, with the proper care and support. Our highly-trained staff are able to provide the necessary care and support whilst promoting independence and encouraging individuals to maintain or redevelop daily living skills.

Phoenix Care provide a wide range of services to assist and support individuals with all aspects of daily life. We ensure our staff are trained to provide different levels of personal care, from getting out of bed and into bed or getting dressed, to full assistance with bathing/showering and hoist assisted transfers. Phoenix Care staff are trained to administer medication and assist with meal preparation.

We focus on the social aspect and the opportunities available to people when they are living in their own homes with the required level of support. We will make sure all your friends and family are always welcome and you keep in close contact with all your favourite people. Through our live-in care services, Phoenix Care promote independence and choice, whilst ensuring you are safe and making full use of your home.

It’s always nice to have a bit of company and a helping hand! To make sure you’re happy with the service we provide, Phoenix Care will involve you in all the decisions and assessments we make. At your request, we will consult with your family and friends, so we can have all the information we need to support you in the best way. A live-in carer will very much be part of your life, which is why we put a great price on meet and greet and ensure you are familiar and comfortable with the person who will be supporting you. To make sure everything is going according to your wishes, we will be in touch regularly for feedback.

Phoenix Care strive to provide a service that ensures quality of life and fulfilment for our clients!